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Gym Paint Colors: Top 5 Choices for Public and Home Workout Rooms

Have you, like many others around the globe who have been stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, begun creating your own home gym so you can stay active and healthy? Or, perhaps you’re the owner of a public gym that has finally been able to open up again but you think it needs a facelift to bring more motivation to your customers?

Whatever your situation, you’re probably wondering what color scheme to bring into your workout space. After all, certain colors can promote different moods and feelings, so you’ll want to find a good balance between them. Here’s what you should know about public or home gym color schemes and how they can affect someone’s workout routine.

Home Gym Paint Ideas

Choosing the right color for your workout room at home is crucial. Not only do you want a color that will tie in with the rest of your home, but you want something that is both inviting and motivational. Obviously one of the most popular choices is white – you can never go wrong with white walls and white trim. It goes with everything and adds more natural light to a room. It’s also less distracting, allowing you to focus more on your workout. But if you want to get a little bit more creative, here are things you should know about different paint colors:


While you won’t find many gyms with four red walls, many opt for a red accent wall because it can add a sense of eagerness or warmth to your workouts. However, going with too much red can cause agitation and even raise blood pressure.


Bright blues are actually energetic colors and can be associated with strength, therefore, if you’re into lifting heavy weights, this might be the perfect color for you. It’s also calming, so it can actually help lower your blood pressure.


This is another color that public gyms opt for, and for good reason too. It’s another paint color that can make you feel more energized while also promoting relaxation. Whether you opt for a light or dark green shade, you’re sure to feel satisfied in your fitness room.


A softer orange color can help to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. It can also insinuate fun which is precisely the feeling you want to achieve for your own workout room rather than having it be dark, moody, and seem like a hassle.

Color Choices For Public Gyms

Home gyms aren’t something everyone can afford to have, especially if they’re low on space. That’s why people like to go to their local gym, or perhaps they like being in that type of public atmosphere. Many people also feel that by purchasing a gym membership, it helps motivate them to work out more. If you’re the owner of that said gym, why not go the extra mile to research the best paint schemes for your gym walls to ensure your customers want to actually spend time there.

Here are some popular trends that more and more gyms are introducing for their customers and the reasons why:

Neon Colors

While it’s best to have plain or basic colors on the walls, neon and vibrant colors make for great accents. Try not to overdo it, but adding a splash here and there can make people feel energized and more alert.

Pinks & Purples

Whether it’s for your gym or yoga studio, bright shades of pink and purple can help promote healing, muscle relaxation, and tension reduction. Mix it with plain and basic colors on other walls so it’s not too overwhelming.

Off White or Grey

If you have too much color in your gym, especially too many bright colors, it can make people feel agitated. That’s why a great choice is to counteract them with a more plain paint color, like off-white or grey. These aren’t distracting yet are still visually appealing. If you have too much color in your gym, especially too many bright colors, it can make people feel agitated. That’s why a great choice is to counteract them with a more plain paint color, like off-white or grey. These aren’t distracting yet are still visually appealing.

Consult With A Paint Color Expert

When it comes to the best color to paint a home gym or a fitness center, it’s best to ask a professional for their advice. Plus, if you don’t have time to tackle the painting project yourself, they can. It’s best to work with a professional painting contractor that is experienced in both residential and commercial painting, like our experts here at ProServ Painters in Canton, MA.

We have many years of experience helping homeowners transform their home gyms and helping commercial clients create a more motivational workout space for their customers. This also means that we have many years of experience helping customers choose the best paint color for their particular space.

Professional painter coating roller with blue paint

Call A Professional For Help

We operate off honesty and transparency. When you call us to discuss your goals and have certain wall colors in mind that we don’t agree with, we’ll let you know and offer our professional advice. We want what’s best for your home gym or fitness center so, ultimately, you can end up seeing the results you want in your health and well-being.

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