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Best Color To Paint An Office

Color theory has proven that colors can truly impact our mood and our productivity. This makes wall color an important part of designing an office space. But what is the best color to paint an office for productivity? In this article, we will list the best office colors for both commercial and home offices.

Commercial Office Paint Colors

As an employer, you are constantly wondering how you can keep your employee’s morale up. Much to many people’s surprise, paint is one of the easiest ways to do just that! Ditch the beige-brown and paint your commercial office’s walls one of these colors to create an exciting and welcoming workspace:


Teal is a combination of blue and green colors, both of which have soothing and productive tendencies on the mind. Blue is known to soothe the mind whereas green is known to reassure and find balance. The combination of these shades in teal tones will ensure that the office space is both bright and calming for employees.
Vardo by Farrow & Ball is a dark but strikingly beautiful shade of teal. Those looking for a more neutral or toned-down color should consider St. John Blue by Benjamin Moore.


Orange is a great choice for sparking ideas. The color is known to boost oxygen flow to the brain, causing creativity and focus. If you are not sure about painting your entire workspace orange, consider using the color for an accent wall. Another great option is to choose a light orange for your space. Peach Sorbet by Benjamin Moore still offers all of the positive benefits of orange without being too bright.


While white may appear to be quite clinical, it can have an amazing calming effect in office spaces. Off-white shades like Crisp Linen from Benjamin Moore or Alabaster from Sherwin Williams can make a room feel bright and welcoming.

Young designer inspecting color samples for home painting project

Home Office Paint Colors

Working from home can often feel draining, especially since there is little separation from your office and your home life. In order to increase your energy and create a calm atmosphere for working, use one of these office colors to paint your home office:


Those who are not a fan of white walls but want to stick to neutrals should choose gray. Gray is the best office paint color because it is both warm and reflects natural light. For example, Fleur de Sel by Sherin Williams is a stunning, warm combination of gray and beige. This is perfect for any small office space because it can help it feel larger and brighter without being cold.

Soft Pastels

Pastel or pale yellow, pink, blue, or green hues are some of the best paint colors for your home office. These colors offer the same mood-boosting effect as the brighter shade but are not as overwhelming. Consider La Luna Amarilla by Sherwin Williams for example, its light yellow shade creates a sunny disposition in your interior without being too rich or overwhelming. Overall, the cool feel of the pa

Olive Greens

Grey-green is a moody but calming shade that can offer a sense of peace and sophistication. This rich color also pairs well with a brown palette and wood finishes, creating a zen and cohesive design. We recommend Lichen by Farrow & Ball because it is a stunning neutral green that is certain to match your furniture.

Design The Best Office Today

In order to combat the workday blues and have energy throughout your entire 9 to 5 shift, choose a color that is known to invigorate and energize people. This will help both you and your employees feel more energized from the moment you begin your workday.
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