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Professional painting preparing home exterior for initial coat

Can You Paint Over Stucco?

Stucco siding is known for being long-lasting and extremely durable during harsher weather conditions. Made of sand, cement, and water, this rough material is most often seen in places with warmer climates. While stucco homes seemingly last decades, the walls may need a few paint jobs every few years.

A freshly painted stucco home can be eye-catching and cause some curb appeal for potential buyers. A simple paint job can take your home from looking drab to outstanding.

If you’re looking at adding a fresh coat of paint to your stucco house, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind.

How To Paint Stucco Walls

1. Do The Prep Work

Inspect the Area

Before you even pick up a paintbrush, you will first have to inspect that house for any water or structural damage. If you notice any larger projects that need fixing, you will want to deal with those first before painting your walls and siding.

Repair Any Small Cracks

One of the first things to do before painting any surface is to examine the surface and prepare it to be painted. Proper preparation can take your painting job to the next level and help the fresh paint stay longer. For exterior stucco, you will want to look for any scratches, hairline cracks, or some larger cracks that need necessary repairs before painting over it. To fill larger cracks and scratches, you will want to use an acrylic caulk or some caulk with some sand in it for a more professional finished look.

Let these areas dry and settle completely before you start painting the stucco.

Clean The Area

Next, you will want to pressure wash the stucco surface of any dirt, dust, or stains that can ruin the look of the paint. If you have recently repaired the home’s exterior, you will want to wait between 15-30 days before pressure washing the stucco. Power washing your stucco surfaces will help get rid of the dirt and debris that may be stuck in the rough texture. Stucco paint has a hard time sticking to surfaces that aren’t cleaned properly, so pressure washing is a key step and can cause some difficulties if skipped.

You will also want to get rid of any stains on the stucco that could show through a few layers of paint. Mud, grease, and other substances can leave dark stains on your wall that don’t blend in very well with a white paint color. Be sure to clean these areas well so that they don’t take away from your hard work.

When you’ve finished repairing and prepping your exterior, you can begin your paint job!

2. Choose Your Paint and Start Painting

Painting stucco texture is sometimes a bit different than painting a different surface because of its bumpy surface. Choosing a good quality paint that will work with durable material is an important step.
When choosing from stucco paints, we recommend using an acrylic latex paint that allows the stucco to breathe. You’ll also need to use more paint for stucco than other surfaces like wood siding as stucco is porous and rough, meaning there is more surface area needed to be covered.

Once you’ve chosen your paint, you’re ready to apply the first coat. To prevent any stains on your trim, paint around windows and doors with a stiff brush. Once you’ve finished that, you can cover the rest of the space with paint. A thick-wrapped roller works best, but you may also consider spraying the paint with an airless sprayer.

Depending on paint manufacturers and whether you used a primer or not, a single coat of good paint may be enough for your stucco siding. However, using two coats is often recommended so that you have a fantastic end result.

If you do apply a second coat, be sure to let the loose paint dry completely before continuing your house painting job.

Once you have painted your stucco exterior, it’s important to properly maintain it and keep it looking fresh. It’s recommended that you inspect the area every few months and look for peeling and hairline cracks on the walls. These are signs that there are some moisture or structural issues that you should look into.

Professional painter priming stucco ceiling for first coat
Professional painter coating roller with blue paint

Hire A Professional

If the idea of painting stucco stresses you out, ProServ Painters is your answer. Based in Massachusetts, ProServ’s team of dedicated and industry professionals is excited to work with you on your next painting adventure.

Our team specializes in home and commercial painting services, from the walls in your home to the siding of your office building. To get started, we offer all potential clients a free estimate to get a sense of the size and type of project that you need.
We make it our mission to make a difference, one coat of paint at a time.

For more information or to receive your free estimate call ProServ Painters at (804) 214-7811 today!

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