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Church Painting

Your church is more than just a building. It’s a community center, a place of worship, a gathering center for your congregation, and an important asset. It’s a key feature of the community that brings people together. Keeping your church in good condition is paramount, whether it’s fixing a leaky roof or refreshing the building with a new coat of paint. 

A well-maintained church shows your members that they are welcome, plus it reflects the overall values of your institution. Thankfully, keeping your church property in good condition doesn’t have to be complicated—by utilizing professional painting services, you can ensure your house of worship always looks its best.

ProServ Church Painting Services

Proper maintenance and upkeep aren’t just about looks; a good paint job ensures that your church building remains in good condition and helps create a beautiful environment that members desire to return to for decades. Maintaining your church’s exterior property creates a safe and welcoming environment for churchgoers, and signals “Hey, you belong here!” It’s inviting to new members and can even grow your congregation!

Contact ProServ today and schedule a free estimate so that we can work together to give your church building the new paint job it deserves. We can offer advice on color and material, and we love to answer any questions you might have about the property and process. Whether you’re thinking about repainting a few interior rooms or giving the entire building a facelift, ProServ has your back.

Church Interior Painting

Churches and other places of worship are important fixtures in the community. Whether you have a synagogue, temple, church, or mosque, these structures are more than just buildings to those who worship within them—they are representations of togetherness, peace, and tranquility.

To keep any place of worship in great condition it requires maintenance and tending. It’s more than just longevity and aesthetics; painting is a crucial piece of upkeep. At ProServ, we know that places of worship require special care. From sacred fixtures to princess artifacts, we have the experience and empathy required for essential maintenance. 

Interior Church Wall Colors

Our team can help you every step of the way, from selecting interior church wall colors to covering furniture and moving important items. When considering your new color scheme, we consider every aspect of the interior. We can offer advice on individual walls, hallways, rooms, scaffolding trim, rooms, and more. From existing decorative elements to stained glass designs, we want to ensure that whatever colors you choose reflect the sanctity and aesthetic of the space.

Church Sanctuary Color Schemes

Your church’s color scheme is created from several different details, including the ceiling, beams, trim, and many other architectural features and considerations. For example, if your place of worship features pews and doors made from gorgeous natural wood, we might consider keeping those as-is and choose paints that accentuate these features. It’s important that every facet of your space is complementary, and that the church interior resonates with the exterior.

It’s critical to consider the symbiotic elements of any house of worship—for instance, if your church features many decorative pieces of art or other artistic elements, the sanctuary wall should accentuate these features and not detract from them. Every detail is an important consideration, which is why ProServ’s track record for detail is celebrated.

Church Ceiling Painting

Ceilings are a commonly overlooked surface in most buildings, and in a church, they are often left given their height and arch. In many church services, the building itself is designed so that members can take in their surroundings. That means that the ceiling is often a focal point, and deserves equivalent love and care.

Given the height of most church ceilings, it can be difficult and dangerous to attempt to paint them. Professionals have the right tools, equipment, and experience necessary to tackle these projects. ProServ has safe and secure scaffolding to help us tackle any job, plus the know-how to operate these tools properly. Give us a call today if you’ve been putting off tackling these details, we’d love to help you out.

Church Exterior Painting

Your place of worship should represent your institution, inside and out. When it comes to first impressions, a great exterior can look inviting and welcoming, bringing in new members and filling old members with a sense of pride and calm. If your church’s exterior paint job is fading or peeling, it’s time to update it with a fresh coat. ProServ can help you find the best color and shade for your building, extending the sanctuary’s longevity and accentuating that welcoming atmosphere.

Exterior Wall Painting

Church exteriors have a lot of details to consider, such as trim, entries, walls, eaves, trim, railings, and more detailed features that one might not find in a regular commercial building. We believe that color creates mood, and our contractors will work with you to find a color that creates an impactful and lasting impression. Church officials are often looking for colors that evoke serenity and togetherness, and we can offer detailed advice on how to best accomplish these goals.

Church Roof Painting

While some clients might not consider painting a church building’s roof, there are several ways in which this can be beneficial. Painting the roof accentuates the fresh and clean look of a repainting building, but it also offers improved weather resistance by locking out moisture and defending it against the sun’s harmful rays.

If you’re considering repainting your building’s roof, you might want to address minor roof maintenance and preparation. ProServ does more than paint—we offer several maintenance services that can help greatly extend the life of your church building.

Best Colors for Church Exterior

Color and aesthetics are personal, and many church officials might already have specific colors in mind for the building’s exterior. While color should evoke a central mood for any setting, ProServ can offer advice to any client who’s looking for a specific, detailed vibe. For instance, if you want a more serene feeling, we might consider soft neutrals, whites, and blues. If you’re looking for something dynamic and vibrant, you might consider red, purple, or yellow. 

Colors can create a positive and joyful impression, and bold colors might be the way to go in an area where buildings blend into the environment. If you’re unsure about one single color for the whole building, we can add accents to the trim, shutters, and doors. Church interior painters should be able to help you navigate these choices and accentuate the natural beauty of your building.

Navigate The Challenges of Your Church Painting Project

Whether you’ve decided on a full exterior paint job or you’re just looking to repaint the sanctuary, there are a few considerations to make during the planning phase of any church painting project. Choosing a competent contractor is paramount to success, and working with an excellent paint company can make the entire process smoother. When deciding on a painting company, what challenges might the painters face in your specific place of worship?

Every church is different, and there are obstacles to overcome that are unique to every building. When discussing the planning phase with your contractor, keep these items in mind to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.


There are several important questions you should be asking your contractor, and chief among them is scheduling. Ask your contractor if they can complete the project at times when the congregation won’t be displaced. If your church has regular events and meetings outside of worship times, such as Bible studies or family events, include those too. The painting company you choose should be able to narrow down a timeframe that works for you, which includes making special considerations for your house of worship’s schedule.

If unforeseen issues arise, or if the schedule needs to be altered, this shouldn’t be a major problem. Any good painting company should be able to adapt to a project, but it’s still a good idea to bring these considerations to your contractor upfront.

Pews: Cover or Move Them?

Many painting companies will move furniture as necessary to safely complete a paint job, but sometimes moving furniture is more trouble than it is worth. If there is a small amount of work that can be completed by covering furniture instead of moving it, this might be the way to go. This consideration is especially important in a church that has lots of pews and other furniture or seating that needs to be protected.

If the painting company is doing a lot of overhead work, especially with high ceilings, it might be a good idea to discuss moving the furniture ahead of time. Moving pews can be a great undertaking, but this effort is a small consideration when compared to damaging property. If your church building is old and you’re afraid that moving individual pieces of furniture might damage them, talk with your contractor about other options and solutions. It might be best to cover the furniture as best as possible and for the church painters to take extra care in their work.

Some contractors might not take on the liability of moving pews if they are too heavy, unwieldy, or dangerous. They might ask you to help with this task before the scheduled work, especially if complicated scaffolding setups are necessary and working over the top of a seating area creates an unsafe environment. Take all of this into consideration and speak at length with your contractor before agreeing to any job.

Dealing with High Ceilings

Churches and other houses of worship often have high, elevated ceilings in their sanctuaries that can be too tall to tackle with ladders. A professional painting company will have to use scaffolding and motorized lift equipment to safely paint these surfaces.

Any qualified contractor will know exactly which methods to utilize to reach dangerously high spaces. Working with correct equipment is important to any job, and this takes years of experience and training to handle properly. Regardless of what method your contractor uses, it’s a good idea to confirm these safety practices ahead of time and ask detailed questions about the painting company’s employees. Ask about insurance, equipment, and safety guarantees. Painting company employees should be wearing personal safety harnesses and utilizing guardrails to ensure that no one is injured.

Ask your contractor about any relevant OSHA certificates and proof of insurance. Any company you work with should be able to showcase an updated workers’ compensation policy, and if you’re unsure about whether the company has its own employees or uses subcontractors, be upfront with these questions. Mitigate any opportunity for the painting company to hold your church liable.

Wall & Ceiling Repair

Depending on the age of your building, there might be cracks, patches, or other issues that require repair before applying a new coat of paint. Older churches often have plaster instead of drywall on their surfaces, and you should ask your contractor ahead of time if this poses any issues to their painting team.

With proper techniques and equipment, a qualified contractor can make a huge difference in the success of a project. Ask your contractor if they can make repairs or offer any additional maintenance services.

Spray or Brush & Roll

Finally, it’s important to ask your contractor what methods will be used to paint. Will they brush & roll, or use a sprayer to apply new coats? Some people are apprehensive about paint sprayers for church interior painting projects, and experienced painters know when to utilize each method to achieve safe and professional results.

All methods have their place and time, and once prep work is finished the methods used are often impacted by schedule and timeframe. Some contractors will utilize additional prep work to ensure the process is smooth and seamless, but you should still ask prior to the project’s start so that there are no unfortunate surprises. 

Several challenges can pop up while painting a church building, and whatever painting company you choose should have the experience, knowledge, and equipment required to handle the job without error. ProServ is the number one choice for interior and exterior painting for a reason—contact us today to schedule a free estimate and let’s work together to create something beautiful.

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