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Do Painters Fix Drywall?

Some do. Most painters have the skills to fix small repairs, such as filling in nail holes and cracks or smoothing out a surface prior to painting. Some painters will take care of larger repairs and more complex maintenance such as patching drywall or replacing it entirely.

If a homeowner requires repairs and painting work to be done simultaneously, they should ask the contractors ahead of time so that they can get a more detailed estimate and find out what services are available.

Fixing drywall is an important step prior to any paint job—visible nails, surface damage, holes, scrapes, dents, and cracks will detract from the quality of the finished product. However it’s up to the resident’s discretion as to what small damage actually matters, and while larger holes should be repaired sometimes smaller cracks can be painted over (as long as there are no structural issues). When it comes to more insidious damage, such as mild discoloration, a must smell, or dampness, it’s time for a drywall replacement.

Drywall Repair and Its Importance

What is Drywall Repair?

Drywall repair typically includes assessing, patching, and/or repairing a damaged portion of the drywall in your home. It requires you to cut out a clean hole in the wall, patch it with a new piece of drywall, and then secure it with tape and drywall compound. To ensure that the new piece of drywall is properly placed, you then go over the section with additional coats of drywall compound and sand the area smooth so that it remains flush with the rest of the wall.

Drywall repair requires a stud finder, saw, drywall tape and compound, utility knife, and a sander. After your drywall is repaired you can repaint the wall so that the segment becomes invisible.

Common Drywall Issues

There are a number of issues that can arise with drywall, and over time the accumulated damage is simply an aspect of wear and tear in the home. Cracks, fractures, nail pops, water damage, dents, peeling paint, textural issues, gouges, mildew growth, and gouges can occur based on a variety of factors.

Moisture buildup behind the wall can create many of these issues, and others are caused by children, pets, moving furniture, etc. Professional repair services can fix these issues and return your drywall to its like-new state, and professional painters will often make many of these small repairs prior to any paint job.

Core Responsibilities of Painters

The duties and responsibilities of professional painters can vary broadly, which is why it’s important to ask detailed questions whenever you are getting a quote or estimate. While general duties vary based on a specific project or the scope of the work, there are common tasks and responsibilities that can be expected whenever you hire a professional company.

  • Surface Prep: Professional painters prepare surfaces prior to painting, which includes general surface cleaning, sanding and smoothing, filling in holes and cracks, and applying primers.
  • Paint Application: Applying paint is the core responsibility of any paint company, which includes primer and a minimum of two coats. They have access to many professional tools such as rollers, brushes, and sprayers, which enables them to apply even coverage to any surface.
  • Color Selection: Contractors exist to guide their clients through the painting process, which includes selecting the type of paint, quality of paint, paint schemes, and recommending additional options based on environmental considerations. A good contractor will be able to convey information about longevity, sheen, and finish.
  • Area Protection: Professionals take precautions to protect their surroundings, which includes covering furniture, taping off painted sections, and mitigating splatter and damage. They use plastic coverings, drop cloths, and painter’s tape to ensure that only the intended area is painted.
  • General Repairs: Professional painters will make minor repairs when their task calls for it, including fixing minor drywall damage and patching holes.
  • Cleanup and Maintenance: They are also responsible for cleaning their work area and disposing of any brushes, paint cans, or other materials left at the job site. The professionals should leave your home better than they entered it.
  • Customer Service: Contractors and painters work directly with their clients, meaning that excellent customer service is paramount to a job well done. This means providing active communication, addressing any client concerns, and ensuring complete satisfaction after any project.

Situations Where Painters Might Fix Drywall

Nail Pops

When small bulges appear in the drywall and form small cracks, this could be a case of nail pops. As seasonal shifts occur, nails can force their way out of the wood and cause these bulges. By using a drywall screw, professionals can pull out the nail, pound in a new one, and patch the drywall.

Mechanical Damage

Holes, dents, and general scrapes can mar the surface of drywall and make it difficult to repaint. These smaller imperfections can be repaired and filled easily by any painting professional, though bigger holes might require patch kits or custom-cut pieces. Ask your contractor if this is a service they offer.

Uneven Surfaces

Over time, random bumpy textures can spread across drywall, marring the smoothness of the surface. This is typically caused by poor initial installation, though these irregularities can be removed via filling, sanding, and smoothing.

Peeling Drywall Tape

Drywall patching often includes tape that covers the seams of previous repairs. As this tape peels, it leaves visible cracks and can also damage the paint. It’s possible to cut out sections of loose tape with a razor knife, sand the areas smooth again, and apply new drywall tape and compound.

Gaps Around the Edges

The section where your drywall meets the baseboards can succumb to uneven gaps and damage. This makes the drywall look unfinished and can occur around window frames, door frames, vents, and cabinets.

This is a simple one to repair by caulking the gaps and disguising the unevenness with sanding and painting.

Final Thoughts

Drywall repair is important, but depending on the difficulty of the project and the extent of the damage it might be best to allow the professionals to take care of it. Most professional painters will repair drywall prior to applying a coat of paint, and common maintenance and drywall fixes are often included in their estimates. Ask your painting company what they include in their services, and talk to your contractor about any issues prior to scheduling the job.

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