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Repainting your home will completely change its look and feel of it. Many homeowners want to have something a little different, that is not too dramatic and which looks appealing over several years. It’s an investment, so choosing exterior colors you are happy to come back to again and again is critical.

House Paint Ideas to Enhance your Home's Exterior

Fresh paint is important, not just to boost your curb appeal. Quality paint protects your house from weathering, insects, and moisture that can lead to rotting.

What is a Good Color to paint the Exterior of a House?

It’s usually recommended not to stray too far from the common exterior house colors in the neighborhood. If you are planning to sell in the near future, a light neutral, like a cream color and subtle trim colors are usually best. Your choices may also be restricted by local regulations or policies.

Start with the main exterior house color; a more neutral or muted tone is usually a solid choice, but begin with colors you like. Accent colors allow for more creativity and personality without overdoing a color. For trim, white looks clean and neat, but brown, black, and grey can also be effective.

Narrow your main exterior paint color choices to just a few, and then pick your top one, and use a color wheel to find colors to complement that one for the trim and accent colors.

If you have stone, stucco, or brick, specialty paint will be necessary. It’s also good to stick to colors that complement these features for a harmonious overall exterior color scheme.

On Trend Home Paint Colors For 2023

Natural, earthy colors are popular this year, including forest green, olive, or neutral colors like grey, tan or beige. Deep teals and blues or burgundy highlights are also trending.

Sherwin-Williams picked Evergreen Fog for their color of the year. Benjamin Moore’s Sage Harbor Gray is another popular choice in this color family. Grey-green colors like these go well with off-white or neutral beige paint for trims. These colors work well with any house and have a traditional feel, while still being unique enough to stand out. Sage green is a flexible earthy tone, perfect for using to highlight trims or landscape features.

Taupe is flexible and has a range of grey, green, or earthy brown undertones which make it excellent for tying into other colors. Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Taupe is popular this year.

Traditional grey is ‘in’, and perfect for a modern feel, but a touch of blue in the grey makes it more fresh and welcoming.

For something a little different that is currently popular, a light yellow let you have a warmer feel, and experiment with bright colors without being garish.

Exterior House Paint Ideas


You can have your home’s exterior be fashionable as well as traditional. One of the trendy lighter grey-green paints for the siding, with deeper colors for the trims, is classic and has a strong impact.

An airy light blue for the siding is also traditional, while still looking up to date. It is also great for making your home look larger. Cool greys for highlights and trims add a sophisticated, classic touch.


This year’s burgundy or deep red colors for siding are very classic, but the range of colors available lets you choose one that is going to stand out. Black accents and white trim make for a picture-perfect home

Brown is definitely not boring; a warm brown for your home’s exterior color adds an element of richness. While it is a more unusual color, it is becoming more fashionable again. Brightening it up with a warm sand color for the trim gives an overall tastefully coordinated look.


Using a highlight color as a spotlight to draw the eye to your home’s architectural details gives a dramatic flair. Darker colors or deep reds for doors, window frames, and accent trims have a big impact and allow you to enjoy a bright color or one of the trendy saturated shades without overwhelming the house. It’s also easier to touch up accents or a door color if necessary, especially since bright and bold colors tend to fade faster.

Classic White Trim

You can never go wrong with a classic bright white trim.

Black paint gives a dramatic feel to a house. To keep it from looking heavy, use white trim. It will highlight the house and look neat. A highlighted front door adds another element to add interest; burgundies and rich reds, or deep teals are currently trending.

White for your trim also looks great with either a deep teal or blue, a delicate blue, or any of the greys.

Other Considerations


If your yard and landscaping is dramatic, with bold colors, make sure the house paint color scheme won’t clash with it.


If your home has natural wood, brick or stone anywhere on the exterior, you’ll want to choose colors that harmonize with those features. This includes your roof’s materials and color. They don’t need to match but should complement each other.

House Size

Light colors make a house seem bigger, which is especially good if you are looking to sell. Unless you are looking for a quaint, rustic look, a lighter paint color scheme is the better option.

Professional Paint Jobs

For the best results on your home exterior paint, use a professional, for a truer color palette that won’t fade, and the neat look only a professional paint job has. ProServ Painters will improve your curb appeal, with a variety of exterior paint services offered, providing you with experienced and reliable service. You will have the perfect paint job, whatever paint colors you decide on.
Professional painter coating roller with blue paint

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