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How To Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Bedroom

Choosing the perfect paint color for your bedroom can be a difficult decision. It is the color that you have to come home to every day, see right before you fall asleep and as soon as you wake up. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly!

In this article, we will cover the impact paint colors can have on your sleep and overall mindset, and how certain colors suit your space better. Hopefully, this will help to make your choice a little bit easier!

Make The Perfect Environment For Sleeping

A bedroom is a space where you climb into bed after a long day for some restful shuteye, but did you know that the color of your walls can greatly impact your sleep? If wall colors are too light or too bright, this could cause you to wake up more frequently or have trouble falling asleep. In turn, this can interrupt any person’s sleep schedule, especially for those who are trying to work during the day!

People who want to make their bedrooms the perfect place for sleeping should choose a darker shade of paint. Medium or dark grey, blue, green, or black are shades that are known to induce feelings of peace and calm the mind. This would be perfect for those wanting to create an environment of relaxation.

Neutrals: Tie It All Together With A Clean Finish

Naturals are a popular color scheme in 2021. The complementing beige, cream, and taupe colors complement each other and provide a striking finish.
Neutral colors provide clean backdrops and blend well with other furniture or hues in the room. For example, an ivory paint color will blend well with both a plain piece of wood furniture and a colorful piece of wall art. Cool colors’ ability to blend with a variety of colors can easily transform a chaotic color scheme into one that blends naturally.

If you choose an ivory paint color for your bedroom, take the time to consider the other colors in your room before you begin painting. White doors, ceilings, or baseboards could clash with your new colors or make your walls look dirty. Choose a semi-gloss paint color to help your walls stand out, but don’t forget to compare the whites by painting a swatch of your new color next to your baseboard. This will help determine whether the new color of your bedroom will work well with the colors of your doors and baseboards. Choose neutral colors to create a coherent design with other hues.

Earth Tones: More Than Just Green

Search close to home for a new color for your bedroom. Earth tones are great options that allow you to bring much more color into your house’s rooms without being overbearing. Don’t worry about having to incorporate sky blue into your home, earth colors are similar to neutrals due to their ability to blend or stand out – whatever you would like them to do.

Earth tones are muted bedroom colors that can bring a touch of nature indoors. Natural hues like brown, khaki green, and ivory are extremely popular because they can match bedding and other furniture pieces well. Cool colors are also timeless and rarely go out of style.

There are many other earthy color options for those who like brighter paint colors. Terracotta, muted lilac, ochre yellow, and dusty rose, and any shade of blue are great colors for those who want more colorful options for their bedroom.

If you are unsure of whether you can commit to such a bright wall color, consider painting one of your bedroom walls that color and all the other walls white. The colorful accent wall will serve as a unique focal point in your room, making you feel as if you hired an interior designer when, in reality, you hired professional interior painters.

Paint Your Walls Pastel

Pastels are timeless bedroom paint colors that can make any room feel elegant and personal. Pastels can be made from any area on the color wheel,

An ice blue color is the perfect example of a paste paint color. Its light hue with jewel undertones can make any room in your home feel clean and bright, with a touch of personality. Light blue hues can make rooms feel cold, so it is a good idea to balance it out with something in the same color family. Navy blue finishes like bedding or an armchair can be a great way to tie your living space together.

Paint Your Ceiling Instead of Your Wall

The ceiling is an aspect of your home that has a lot of untapped potential! They can be painted just like any wall but most choose to leave them white. Ceilings can add a lot of character to any space when they are another color besides white.

Lighten The Mood With Pastels

Pastel colors are a cheerful addition to your bedroom. Rather than painting your walls pastel, leave them white and paint the ceiling! The muted pop of color will liven the mood and make your room feel more open. We recommend soft peach, pastel blue, or muted grey colors for those looking to create a cheerful yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Use The Same Wall Color

Monochromatic rooms are in! Buy one color of paint and paint both your walls and ceiling the same color. This is a great way to make your room feel cozy and welcoming – especially if your room is painted in a warmer or dark tone. To ensure that you pick the right color for your entire space, use color theory to determine what colors would best improve your mood and calm your mind.

Rather than painting your walls, leave them white and add character to your bedrooms by painting the ceiling!

Find Your Perfect Paint Colors

Picking a paint color for any room in your house can be a difficult choice. Whether you are painting a guest room, living room, or dining room, the color you paint your walls can impact your mood and enjoyment of your home.

Take the time to consider what you want from your bedroom when you pick your color. Neutral colors can help create a coherent design as they complement other contracting hues easily. Pastels are a tasteful pop of color, while earthy colors can be bold additions to your room.

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