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Outdoor Painting Services to Improve Your Home

Few things rejuvenate a home’s appeal like new exterior details. Our homes need the occasional facelift, and even small outdoor painting projects can make a big difference. We’ve put together a few painting tasks that can be accomplished in a weekend, with plenty to do all summer long to spruce up your home’s curb appeal. 

From small details like painting shutters or your front door to larger projects like painting your siding or adding accents to your outdoor furniture and patio space, here are a few outdoor paint projects that can completely transform your space.


Home outdoor painting ideas can transform your space. There are a few key benefits to painting your home’s exterior, such as:

  • Improving your home’s aesthetic.
  • Added defense against water and weathering.
  • Protecting your home against potential infestation.
  • Increasing resale value and curb appeal.
  • Preserving your siding and adding longevity to your property.

Investing in your home has many pros, and outside painting ideas can extend beyond simple upgrades. Whether you’re painting for purely cosmetic reasons or you need to cover up natural wear and tear, we have many outdoor painting projects that can turn your house into a home. Before you begin, consider the best paint brands for exterior painting and grab some tools that will make the entire process easy and fun! 

Outdoor Painting Projects to Tackle This Year

Old Furniture

Previously owned and loved furniture that you picked up at a garage sale, flea market, or antique store can be easily spruced up with a new coat of paint. Refresh your Adirondack chair, elevate a side table, or add a couple of new coats to a wooden flower bed or planters to give your backyard a completely new look. 

These types of outdoor painting projects are easy and low-stress and can be accomplished in a leisurely timeframe. By painting old furniture you can transform your patio, porch, and garden, and best of all you can make the hues as dynamic or as natural as you want. If you don’t want to tackle the project yourself, professional furniture painters can make a big difference!



Painting your shutters can add surprising depth and detail to any home, and this is an easy project you can accomplish in an afternoon. Tape down your shutters, lightly sand and clean the surface, lay down a coat of primer, and paint them in two coats. You can use smaller brushes for the slats and use a roller for the sides. Be as dynamic as you want—you can paint the slats and sides of your shutter different colors to make them stand out.

Front Door

Painting your front door might be the easiest way to give your home a noticeable facelift, and it’s the best way to immediately introduce some color and upgrade your exterior’s curb appeal. You can choose a color that will stick out, such as dynamic yellow and greens, or choose a trim color that matches your newly painted shutters. 

Some shades and hues are great alternatives to white, and there’s no shame in going bold (you can always repaint it later). Whether you decide on a color that’s flashy or subdued, this is a fun outdoor painting project that delivers instant results.


You can easily spruce up your garden area by painting your trellis, planters, or arbor. Many planters are made out of plastic and come in subdued green or brown, so why not add a little flair of blue or yellow? By painting the structural elements of your garden space, you can create contrast and bring in definition that makes your outdoor area feel dynamic and bright. 

White paints feel classic while dark hues feel dramatic, and anything green will grant your garden area a sophisticated, natural look. There are so many exterior paint ideas for containers, planters, and pots—let your creativity fly!

Garage Door

Your garage door can be easy to overlook, and while this is a bigger project than painting your front door or your shutters, you’ll be very happy with the outcome. Your garage door faces the street and is a prominent feature of your home—you shouldn’t let it dwindle after conquering so many other outdoor painting projects. By adding a bit of aesthetic flair, your garage door can be a key component of your home’s aesthetic.

Garage doors are often painted a crisp or clean color, such as white or grey. While this can be a welcoming sight, darker colors are eye-catching and timeless, and greens and blacks can look sophisticated and unusual. Dark tones also help conceal dirt and smudges, while warmer tones can add brightness to your home’s exterior.

Outdoor painting services don’t have to end at the small details—if you feel like you’re ready for a big project (or you want to call professional painters to let them handle it) you can completely transform your beloved space.


Your patio often feels like the “outdoor” extension of your indoor home, so why not bring those same colors outside? Treat your patio like an oasis and paint your patio or deck with details that match your home’s interior aesthetic. Paint your outdoor furniture or spruce up your area with a new exterior rug. 

You can match your patio’s new colors with your recently painted garden, and create a seamless outdoor area that’s attractive to the eye and feels appealing to both guests and family. Get creative and paint a space that’s ideal for entertaining neighborhood get-togethers!

What to Consider Before?

There are a few considerations to make before tackling any painting project, such as which color pairs work the best, what materials to buy, how much time an individual project will take, what colors will look best from the street, how much effort is involved with each project, and how your different color configurations will affect your home’s curb appeal in short term and long term circumstances.

Depending on the project, it’s a good idea to consider hiring professional painters for outdoor painting services if you’re looking for high-quality workmanship and expertise. ProServ Painters have decades of local painting experience and can completely transform a home with no effort on your part. You can consult with a ProServ contractor and get information on color, materials, exterior home maintenance, and more. While budgeting for a professional paint job might take some time, it’s worth it!


Outdoor painting projects are fun and can be a great way to improve your home in the spring and summer months. Add some personality to your home by painting furniture, shutters, and your patio space, or rejuvenate your home’s curb appeal and resale value by adding quality color to your front door or garage door. 

ProServ Painters has over three decades of experience providing high-quality, exceptional outdoor painting services. ProServ can offer you painting tips and pointers, help you pick out the best colors for your property, and tackle the tough projects that you don’t have time for yourself. There are many benefits to conquering those put-off outdoor painting projects, and if you don’t have the time to tackle them yourself, call a painting professional!

Professional painter coating roller with blue paint

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