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Transforming Spaces: Before and After Painting Projects

Painting is one of the best ways to transform any space. Whether you need to freshen up the exterior of a business to attract new clientele or choose a color for a bedroom, painting projects are fun and rewarding. There’s a serotonin release through creative projects that just can’t be matched with anything else, not to mention the satisfaction of a job well done. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re improving aesthetic appeal or updating a rental property, a fresh coat of paint creates a striking sense of renewal. With so many options to choose from, including color schemes and finishes, choosing the right paint and correct approach can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to transform your space, professional painters can get the job done. Check out these before and after projects that revitalize and revolutionize these spaces.

The Importance of Color and Design in Space Transformation

Color choices make an enormous impact on the mood and ambiance of any space. We spend so much of our time indoors, and our daily lives revolve around acceptable patterns that can be devoid of warmth or harmony. For those people who work from home, it can feel a little demoralizing to look at the same things day after day. Spaces that are poorly lit, uncomfortable, or samey can drastically affect us without us even realizing it.

Spatial diversity and beauty are important to every human being. Many elements can alter our perception, the most dynamic of which is color and design. Lighter and cooler colors can open up a space, while dark colors can create a cozy appeal. By arranging colors and textures within an environment we can completely alter a space and make it feel safer and more welcoming. When transforming a space, it’s important to recognize that changes in perspective, such as highlighting particular elements or choosing certain colors, can revolutionize our homes and workplaces.

Professional Painter vs. DIY Painting

When it comes time to transform a space, it’s important to consider whether you will go the DIY route or hire a professional. While there are plenty of creative merits to painting a room yourself, there are key elements that professionals can bring, such as a more informed and dynamic color selection and years of painting experience.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional painter, and we’ve highlighted a few below.

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Painting Project Size

The size of any painting transformation project is an enormous consideration, and can greatly affect any DIY dreams. Small touch-ups and accents are easy enough to do on your own, but if you’re considering a larger endeavor such as a house exterior, a multi-room project, cabinetry work, or artful trims, you should leave it to the experience and expertise of the professionals. They have the efficiency required to save you time, ensure a high-quality finish, and make your space look as beautiful as possible.

Time and Convenience

One thing that many DIYers overlook is the amount of time required for any painting project. While you might be able to sacrifice a few hours on the weekend or after work, any painting project big or small will impact your schedule. While we all have creative ambitions, how much time can you realistically dedicate to your painting project? This includes cleaning, prep, purchasing tools, and picking out paint. Professionals are equipped to complete a job efficiently, which means you can prioritize your life without sacrificing quality. Interior painting services performed by professional painters can save you time and providing beautiful results. 


Even if you’ve painted a few houses, whatever experience you have can’t stack up against professionals who have years of expertise in a wide variety of projects. They have the application techniques, color knowledge, and surface prep experience required to complete any project with beautiful results. Professionals also deal with many intricacies you might not consider, such as substrates, materials, paint types, and how to prevent issues from arising. Hire a professional painter and see what a difference they can make.


DIY projects initially seem cost-effective, but there are hidden costs below the surface that can frustrate both your time and your wallet. The cost of materials and tools, not to mention potential mistakes, can drastically affect the cost of your project. In many cases hiring professionals is more cost-effective, especially when you factor in how much time you’ll save. Professional painters can create a seamless outcome and transform your space without inconveniencing you, which means you won’t have to give up your precious free time to tackle an ongoing project.

Quality of Finish

Professional painters are specifically trained to deliver high-quality results. Contractors and painters have the attention to detail and particular experience required to tackle any job, not to mention that their paint jobs are more durable and pleasing. You don’t want to have to repaint the same space in a year just because you didn’t have the time for an additional coat, or you bought a color that dried differently than you expected. Professional painters work with you to deliver the exact results you’re looking for, not to mention they can create striking finishes, draw sharp lines, and enhance the overall appearance of your home.

Safety Considerations

There are many safety considerations we may overlook when working within the comfort of our homes. Working from heights can be scary, and it just takes one slip and fall off a ladder to cause great bodily harm. Painting can also mean working around hazardous materials, which requires additional safety gear and proper protection. Professional painters are not only equipped to sidestep these hazards, but are already aware of what safety considerations to make going into any project. They can minimize risk and ensure a worry-free painting process that’s safer for everyone.


Most importantly, professional painters offer a warranty on their work and services. This additional layer of assurance grants peace of mind to any homeowner, so that after the completion of a project if any issues arise they will be promptly addressed. Many professional painting companies offer specific warranties to their work, such as touch-ups to ensure the longevity of any project. Ask your contractor about the warranties and guarantees offered.

ProServ Painter’s Before and After Painting Projects

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