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How Do Paint Colors Affect Your Mood?

Everything You Need to Know About Color Psychology and How it Impacts Your Paint Color Decisions

Did you know that paint color can essentially break or make a room? From the bedrooms to the living room, the colors on a wall have the ability to stimulate feelings and have a significant influence on mood. This is explained by color psychology.
This psychological impact argues that color is more than just a visual experience. Colors can also be a classic form of communication – a way in which we project our personality and set the tone of each room. If you’re thinking of taking up a painting project in your home or office, it is important to keep this in mind. You’ll want to decide what emotions you want to be associated with your space and then choose your paint colors accordingly.

Here we’ll delve deeper into the effects colors can have on our feelings, and what works well with the different rooms in a house.

Paint Colors Can Have A Huge Impact On How We Feel

While it can be argued that reactions to color are subjective, certain types of colors generally produce particular responses. For example, a wall that is painted yellow will make a room feel brighter and happier, whereas blue tends to feel cool. Yellow is one of the more warm colors, while blue is not, so the energy is completely different. Let’s look at specific colors and the overall feelings each can potentially ignite.


When it comes to selecting the most timeless paint color, white is often a popular choice. While white is definitely traditional, it also simultaneously offers a contemporary style. Warm shades of white can create a cozier feeling, while cooler shades have a more modern touch, making them a suitable shade for any room.


Blue is known to be one of the most calming and cool colors. It symbolizes the blue sky and the ocean and can create an energy of trustworthiness, loyalty, friendship, and strength. This calm and relaxing color is also a very popular choice for bedroom walls because it helps to lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate.


Green is a very natural color that promotes ultimate relaxation. Different tones of green can seem joyful, calming, and energized, and the color can also be a sign of life. When it comes to the interior of your home, you can use bright greens in bathrooms and lighter shades in the living room or den.


Purple helps to bring out creativity and imagination. Dark shades of purple are the color of royalty, luxury, and wealth, whereas lighter shades like lilac are associated with romance and serenity. You can use colors like this in the bedroom or office space.


While painting rooms yellow may seem bold and out of the norm, this color is cheerful and ignites emotions related to excitement. Like green, this warm tone reminds us of the great outdoors, as well as happiness and summer. It is perfect for a baby’s room or any room that requires more light.


Upbeat and fun, orange is similar to red because it adds a strong pop of color. Unlike red, however, this warm color affects appetite and can add spice to a dining room or kitchen area.


Pink is no longer just the color of a young girl’s bedroom walls. While the color is feminine, the different tones have allowed for it to be more versatile. Many people are now using light pinks or mauves in their dining rooms and kitchens in addition to their bedrooms.


Red is known to be the color of confidence, love, and romance. It is actually one of the most stimulating colors for rooms and can affect your mood based on its warmth. If you’re looking for an intriguing color to paint your bedroom, definitely choose red.


Light brown, such as beige, is a very safe and basic color for any room of your house. It represents simplicity, comfort, security, and contentment.


Gray is a very neutral tone and can be used in any room throughout the house. It creates an inviting environment and works well with most other colors.


Black adds mystery, power, and sophistication to a room. However, too much of the dark tone can be depressing. It is more suitable to choose black as an accent to make a statement, rather than have the room be too overwhelming.

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