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How to Prepare Your Home for Painting

From taking pictures off the walls to storing away knickknacks and electronics, you might be wondering what you can do to prep your home for the painting professionals. For a smooth and easy painting experience, there are a few key things you can do to make the job easier for everyone.

Do Painters Move Furniture?

Interior painting can be hard work, and most of it centers around the preparation step. Some painters might help clear away furniture, but it’s not always a step included in their services. Be sure to ask your contractor or local painting service what your responsibilities are before any interior job.

In some cases, the painting company’s liability might not fully cover their employees. It might allow them to move some small, lighter furniture but not bigger pieces like couches or entertainment systems. If you can rearrange your furniture ahead of time, it will often work out better for everyone. Whether you’re hiring professionals or attempting to do the job yourself, moving furniture is almost always necessary. Without preparation, you might face a costly delay in the project or damage to your furniture.

Even if you’re not scheduling any exterior painting, you can help make things easier for the paint crew by providing them with an easy space to park, a clear walkway into the house, etc.

Does ProServ Move Furniture For You?

Yes. With over thirty years of experience, ProServ is very sensitive to customer service needs and provides the best possible experience for clients. We will move furniture for you before any painting job, especially if you are physically unable to move the furniture yourself.

Do Painters Clean Walls Before Painting?

Professional painters always clean the walls prior to painting. Cleaning and scrubbing away grime and dust ensures that the wall service is primed for the paint job. It also ensures that the coat lasts longer. By removing dust, dirt, and flaking paint chips (as well as applying caulk or putty to cracks and holes), you will achieve optimal results. Proper prep is often what makes the difference between professional and DIY painting, since the professionals have the experience to know what steps are necessary.

Does ProServ Clean The Walls Prior To Painting?

Cleaning the walls is one of the many services that we directly offer, to ensure that your coat of paint lasts for years and isn’t marred by blemishes, holes, or dust. If you need additional services before we begin the painting process, let us know.

Do Painters Remove Wallpaper Before Painting?

Professional painters remove excess wallpaper before painting. In most cases you can ask painters to hang new wallpaper or immediately paint the walls after wallpaper removal. These experienced professionals have the tools and know-how to remove wallpaper faster than you could yourself, so don’t worry about handling this step of the prep.

Do Painters Provide the Paint?

While many homeowners might prefer to choose and pick up their own paint, your contractor might be able to do this service for you, saving you time and money. Consult with your contractor or painting service about the type and amount of paint you will need. Professional painters typically apply two coats of paint minimum for interior surfaces.

Your local professional painting team will also provide the necessary equipment, including rollers, ladders, brushes, tarps, and more.

Other Considerations When Preparing Your House for Painting

Remove Wall Hangings and Decorations

One of the most helpful things you can do before the professionals show up is to ready the room for their services. Pull down any wall decor including photos, artwork, clocks, and fixtures, safely storing them away so that they don’t get damaged. Don’t worry about nail holes, knicks, or scratches—the professional will take care of that prior to painting via surface prep. The more “obstacle-free” you can make the room, the less downtime the painters will have before starting.

Remove Curtains, Rugs and Throws

This step might not immediately occur to some homeowners, but it’s important to clear away excess items before painting begins. This includes rugs, blankets, curtains, etc, especially if the team needs to touch up the windows or trim. Removing drapes and other window items makes things much easier, and storing away your rugs ensures they don’t get damaged, even when the painting team uses drop cloths. 

Cleaning & Vacuuming

Finally, one of the best ways you can prepare for painting is to give your rooms a quick sweep, mop, and vacuum. This will clear away any dust and detritus for the painters, especially if you do this after moving furniture and other knick knacks. This also helps prevent dust from sticking to the walls or ceiling, and creates a space that’s easy for the painters to work in.

Professional painter coating roller with blue paint

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