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Deck and Fence Painting Services.

Expert Deck and Fence Painters

At ProServ, we know the importance of maintaining private and commercial properties. It’s not only about visual appeal, but safety and security as well. We’re the number one professional painters in Massachusetts, but our specialties extend far beyond interior and exterior painting services. We care about your home, and that’s never more apparent than in our meticulous work, unparalleled customer service, and celebrated efficiency. We even work under tight deadlines to ensure your needs are always met.

We are expert deck and fence painters who offer repair and maintenance services to ensure your property stays up to your standards. If you’re considering renovations or need to spruce up your space, our team is ready to be put to work, and we can help you choose deck and fence paint colors and materials that suit your home. Call us today and see how we can make a noticeable difference in the quality of your home!

Deck and Fence Painting, Canton, MA

Few places in your home are as socially important as your deck and fencing. Your deck is a source of comfort and relaxation, while your fence is a point of privacy and protection. The combination of these two creates solace, enjoyment, and peace of mind. They are key home components, but just like other aspects of your property, they can wear down over time when not properly maintained.

Without proper maintenance, these features can turn from dependable to hazardous. If you have children, pets, or nosy neighbors, there are significant risks attributed to letting your deck and fence fall into disrepair. It’s important to stay on top of the tasks that ensure the longevity of these structures, such as staining, painting, cleaning, and regular repairs. Keep your loved ones safe by maintaining the health and quality of your home’s wooden structures, and ensure that your home is a place where friends and family can gather together for years.

Benefits of Deck and Fence Maintenance

Several major benefits come from maintaining your home’s deck and fencing, from improving the safety of these structures to ensuring the value of your home. Here are a few to consider:

Remove and Prevent Wood Rot

Most decks and fences are built from wood, because of how cost-effective and versatile the materials are versus vinyl or aluminum—not to mention that wooden fences are far more attractive. While wood is particularly durable, it’s vulnerable to several environmental forces. Your exterior wooden features will deteriorate over time due to the weather, and the combination of rot, mold, and mildew will speed up this process. 

Focal points in your deck and fencing will become soft and weak, and a rotted deck can even collapse under enough pressure. Fungal spores can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions, making your deck unsafe. By coating these features with fence/deck stain as needed, they will be fortified against the elements which will strengthen them, add longevity to the structures, and prevent rot.

Minimize Hazards

Rotten, uneven, or damaged deck flooring can be a major trip and fall hazard if not repaired. Dust, moisture, and mildew can create a slick surface, loose objects such as nails can cause people to trip, and missing boards can be especially dangerous. Regular deck cleaning and maintenance can keep everyone safe, and deck surfaces should be regularly cleared of garbage and detritus. Yes, your deck flooring is outside, but it should still be swept and mopped regularly, and cleaned via power washing about twice a year. Stubborn contaminants can build up over time and make your beloved deck the most dangerous place in your home. 

Create A Safe Environment

Decking is held together by fasteners, nails, and screws. As time passes and your deck’s materials shift, the fasteners will become loose. Jutting nails and rough edges can be very dangerous, whether they are catching shoes or harming bare feet. Rusted nails and screws can cause illnesses, and may go unnoticed by children and pets. Ensure these fasteners stay flush with your fencing and decking with regular repairs and maintenance—in some cases this upkeep might require sanding to smooth down edges and ensure your deck remains a safe place.

Mitigate Pests

No one likes pests on their property, and vermin find refuge in wooden decks and fencing that are in a state of disrepair. Wood-boring insects might make their home within your rotten boards, and many pests can weaken the integrity of your deck and fence and make repair and maintenance more difficult. Wood-boring beetles and wasps can harm children, and make your deck a place that no one wants to be. With regular cleanings, as well as staining your deck, you can ensure that the pests will stay away. There are also pest-resistant products that you can apply to preserve your property.

Ensure Your Fence Does Its Job

Fences are decorative and functional, but only when they’re properly maintained. If you have children or pets you should take your fence seriously, as it protects your property and ensures your family’s privacy. When a fence is fallen or broken, pets and children can easily climb over or under it. Fences also protect your property from falling trees and branches. 

Clean and stain your fence to protect it from deterioration, and regularly maintain it by replacing boards or components that loosen or rot. You can also install mesh fodder beneath your fence to ensure pets and children can’t dig beneath it. If you’re looking for better paint for your deck and fence, or you need staining and fence repair, ProServ has you covered.

High-Quality Materials

ProServ only uses high-quality materials and tools to achieve exceptional results. We stress the necessity of using only the best, which ensures a quality paint job every time. With thorough craftsmanship and proven results, we proudly showcase the importance of doing a job right the first time. There’s no reason to fret over home repair or subpar services when you’re receiving high-end results right from the start. ProServ vows to never use cheap, tacky, or inexpensive paints or tools, and all of our services are guaranteed to extend the life of your property.


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